Turkish and German culture

…Turkish and German Culture – Roots, Differences and Changes:
The Academic Culture Team – Emir, Ayhan, Sina, Johanna, Jonas 

“Culture” – My culture, your culture, German culture, Turkish culture, political culture…

… this word and its many meanings will be omnipresent during the whole 9 days of the IstKon Student Exchange – so why should we still have one whole Academic Day about this topic? Aren’t there more important things to discuss then our culture? – I guess it won’t surprise you that we, the Academic Culture Team, thinks the opposite of this.

What is (my) culture? And what is your culture? What are my prejudices about the others? (Especially German and Turkish culture)

These will be the first guiding questions you are going to think about during the introduction session of our day using non-formal education methods (be surprised!).

(Why) are there differences in political culture between Germany and Turkey? How are our perceptions of the nation, the state and the military influenced by our history and culture?

We will turn to those and other related questions during the second session of our day – and thereby try to understand the roots of some differences in political culture in Germany and Turkey. Many misunderstandings in politics can be traced back to different political cultures and our history – a short keynote lecture and group discussions on those questions will give you the opportunity to better understand “the other side”.

(Why) is our culture changing? What consequences do recent changes have? (Why) is there a rise of nationalism in Germany and Turkey? What are misused of the concept of culture?

Those and many more questions are open for discussion during the session three of our day. We will first welcome high-ranking speakers

  • Hande Bozatli, former president of the Assembly of European Regions (first Turkish person leading a European institution!), Prof. Dr. Raoul Motika, Director Orient-Institute Istanbul, Dr. Reimar Volker, Director Goethe-Institute Istanbul, Constance Döring, German MBA student in Istanbul and active Youtuber.

After the panel you will have the opportunity to discuss more in smaller groups.

With this program, we hope trigger interesting discussions and reflections leading to a better understanding of current problems. We are very much looking forward to meeting all of you in Istanbul!