IstKon is an other intercultural experience which broadened my horizon, it encouraged me to visit Turkey and to discover the culture by experiencing it.

Before IstKon I was excited to meet new people and get to know the Turkish culture. I was aware that there is a difference between how Turks see their culture and how children of Turkish immigrant see the Turkish culture and I wanted to learn more about how people from turkey perceive it. I was interested in how they perceive the German culture and Germany.


Johanna Ulherr, Konstanz

But I was also very excited to meet students, who are coming from one of the biggest cities in Turkey- or even the biggest city.

Before the IstKon-Exchange last summer I had mixed feelings. We invested a lot of work in organizing and planning the exchange, but we have never met the other guys from Turkey in real live before the exchange. Would we have trouble to communicate with each other and misunderstand us the whole time? Would we have more differences than similarities in cultural, political or religion questions?


Moritz Knobel, Konstanz