Nursena Sadoglu, Istanbul

The IstKon exchange project is the best thing I have ever done in my life because everything was organised by the students who come together from different schools.

The best thing of IstKon is that we recognised different cultures, new traditions and new friends. And these recognitions will not stay in the past, we are going to carry all these interactions to our futures.

The main goal of IstKon is to discuss contemporary politics from Turkey, Germany and Europe. IstKon 2017 discussed about refugee problems, the EU and Turkey relationship, pluralism issues and Islamisation of AKP in Turkey. After all these discussion we had time for ourselves to travel around, have fun with new friends, organise new funny nights like our cultural night. The most important thing for me was that all participants, also those who are not Muslims,  came together to celebrate the Kadir night in a mosque  That was a really good interaction for both sides because I really understood that wherever you are born, which nationalities or which religion you have do not prevent us standing as an united body.

Our new generation knows how to stay in respect and show our tolerance. IstKon helps me to understand these crucial points since our globe has been struggling with many issues like intolerance, xenophobia, discrimination and hate of refugees.