Mara Loos, Konstanz

What does IstKon mean to me?

During the 10 days of IstKon I experiences a lot: I met wonderful people, listened to good and exciting presentations, participated in fruitful discussions, slept little and ate delicious food. IstKon 2017 was full of fantastic moments and great conversations.

Today, IstKon symbolize my dearest friends which I made during this time. We had the opportunity to learn about the other culture- and even to try it out! It is clear that we couldn´t experience every part of the other culture, but it was great to get a little view in another culture – a culture which is for me not so familiar.

IstKon could build a bridge. Between Istanbul and Konstanz. But what is most important, the project only could be realized because of the financial support, and because of the engagement of every single person.

I´m looking forward to a lot of more IstKon´s here in Konstanz, but also in Istanbul (IstKon 2018 will be in Istanbul :D).