Moritz Knobel, Konstanz

But I was also very excited to meet students, who are coming from one of the biggest cities in Turkey- or even the biggest city.

Before the IstKon-Exchange last summer I had mixed feelings. We invested a lot of work in organizing and planning the exchange, but we have never met the other guys from Turkey in real live before the exchange. Would we have trouble to communicate with each other and misunderstand us the whole time? Would we have more differences than similarities in cultural, political or religion questions?

We had a tough timetable during the week- workshops, discussions, presentations and evening programs. We met early in the morning and went to bed deep in the night. We visited the old castle in Meersburg and had together a nice evening meal at the “Konstanzer Wirtshaus”. We discussed nearly every topic about politics in our workshops and we didn´t stop to talk about it beyond the end of the workshops. My favourite event was the cultural night at the end of the exchange. Traditional German and Turkish food were cooked together and we had a huge meal together. After the great meal, we enjoyed traditional dance lessons from the other culture.

My experiences during the exchange were a big package of the Turkish culture, the opinions of my fellow students in Turkey and their Ideas for a better tomorrow. We had built bridges from Turkey to Germany and backwards. In a time where are a lot of tensions between the Turkish and German governments, I think it’s important that the people get or stay in touch. During the week of the IstKon-Exchange I met a lot of unknown people first, who I now would call my friends in the end.