What does IstKon mean to me?

During the 10 days of IstKon I experiences a lot: I met wonderful people, listened to good and exciting presentations, participated in fruitful discussions, slept little and ate delicious food. IstKon 2017 was full of fantastic moments and great conversations.


Mara Loos, Konstanz

When you are together to work for one purpose you don’t care from which country you are, you just care about cultural understanding and friendship.

We are always repeating that IstKon is the exchange project on the basis of political and cultural summit, but it is more than this.


Ceylin Özlüer, Istanbul

I like that IstKon is not only a one-time thing, but it can become an annual tradition, where all students can have the same experience of that exchange.

When I first heard about the Turkish-German student exchange project, I was very happy that such an exchange actually takes place. I have Turkish immigrant background and I already know the culture from home. But I was very excited that my fellow students will have the opportunity to get to know the people and the culture of Turkey.


Hilal Durak, Konstanz

We were there with all our differences: Religion, nationality, language… such a great scene, a harmony like a big garden including every kind of flowers.

I have experienced an unforgettable week with our dear German friends – or let’s say our new family. It was my first trip to Europe and I was so afraid of staying with a foreigner. Thus, I was so excited until meeting with my great host and buddy Johanna Ulherr. She was a great person and led me to question that what is the meaning of ‘the foreigner’.


Ayşe Civelek, Istanbul

The combination of political discussions, but also cultural activities and social time together as a group, has been a perfect way to get to know each other’s culture as well as getting to know each person individually.

I was very excited in the days before IstKon due to the unique nature of this amazing project. It has been amazing to experience how much effort and hard work each and everyone has put in to realize this international exchange.


Lukas Birkenmaier, Konstanz

I can understand and respect some views from our Turkish friends now, I found really strange before. And I have the impression that this is a mutual understanding and respect.

When I first read the E-mail about the idea of an exchange between Marmara University in Istanbul and University of Konstanz and the call or invitation to develop the idea and to realize it, I truly asked myself “how naive can a person be, that a project of this size can start with just an idea, without a team, without a single scratch of a finance plan or anything else?” I guess, I just smiled and believed never to hear about that thing anymore. Well, it turned out to work in an incredible awesome manner!


Samuel Brielmaier, Konstanz

The best thing about IstKon is, that this is not only one event which won’t happen again, but that IstKon will become a tradition. IstKon will become an institution, so new generations of students will have the possibility to also have such experiences

As a participant of IstKon, I can surely claim that this is one of the best projects I have ever participated in. There were 50 students from Istanbul and Konstanz who exchanged their knowledge, experience and culture. Although the project was mainly about politics in these two countries, we even learnt much more than that. We students learnt about different ways of doing presentations, being tolerant during discussions and how to make friends all around the world.


Gordana Nikic, Istanbul

The IstKon exchange project is the best thing I have ever done in my life because everything was organised by the students who come together from different schools.

The best thing of IstKon is that we recognised different cultures, new traditions and new friends. And these recognitions will not stay in the past, we are going to carry all these interactions to our futures.


Nursena Sadoglu, Istanbul

I think, during IstKon, we successfully discussed and presented our opinions on different political topics. 

Both German and Turkish students expressed their demands for better ties and friendship between countries. I hope this programme will open the way for constructive dialogue and emphatic relations. They celebrated their diversities, experienced each’s culture and learned about their sensitivities.

 I am glad of being able to participate in this activity. I hope this project will affect all other universities and more young generations to establish strong relations beyond borders.

Nobuhide Mert Matsumoto, Istanbul

It was sounding amazing and after I landed on Germany amazing Students welcomed me, I was sure that it was even better than my expectation .

I am personally not the most active person you can find before IstKon, my year was quite straight. I was looking for a lighter as i wanted to make my student life and summer a better period of time and more fun… 


Emir Tahiri, Istanbul