Our Sponsors

Sponsors of IstKon 2017

logoVerein der Ehemaligen der Universitat Konstanz e. V. 

The VEUK e.V supported IstKon 2017 with a lot of practical help. We are happy to call them our first and one of our biggest sponsors of our project.


logo2Deutsch – Türkische Jugendbrücke

The “Deutsch – Türkische Jugendbrücke” was and is our second main sponsor for IstKon. This organization is promoting and supporting youth exchanges between young Turkish and German people.


logo3Student Representation Body of University of Konstanz

The “Student Representation Body of University of Konstanz” supported us with funds from their budget.



The “Seezeit” is the students social service provider in Konstanz, which is running a lot of student dorms but also the University Cafeteria.


logo5University of Constance

The International Office of the University of Konstanz supported our excursion to Meersburg and also helped us during our preparations.


logo6Kreissparkasse Bodensee

The Kreissparkasse Bodensee, a local bank, supported IstKon.



Sponsors of IstKon 2018


Akçansa is our biggest sponsor that helps us with accommodation.  They organize also a trip during IstKon.


logo8Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung is the second of our main sponsors that helps IstKon Summit with providing catering requirements.


logo9Catering Dünyası

“Catering Dünyası” is one of our sponsors, providing the catering services during the whole IstKon academic events and a specific night event.


logoVerein der Ehemaligen der Universitat Konstanz e. V.

The VEUK e.V will also support IstKon in this year’s summit.


logo5University of Constance

“Institutions of the University of Konstanz” and “International Office of the University of Konstanz” are helping the IstKon Student Exchange.


logo10Fachschaft PolVer

Also Fachschaft PolVer supports us.


logo6Kreissparkasse Bodensee

The Kreisparkasse Bodensee, a local bank, is also supporting IstKon.