Konstanz – Largest (and most beautiful) city of the Bodensee

Or Konschdaanz as an inhabitant of Konstanz would call the city (special dialect ;-)). The city is characterized by its extraordinary location on Lake Constance or Bodensee in German. The Rhein river passes through Konstanz and leaves it by flowing under two bridges which are connecting the two parts of the city.

Konstanz can be proud of its long history, dating back to the late Stone Age. The most remarkable historical event was the Council of Constance, where Pope Martin V was elected.

But even today Konstanz is a city full of special events, great flair and interculturality. Seeing the Alps during Föhn and walking at the lakeside near to the Imperia are one of the best things to experience in Konstanz (as you can see at the picture- pretty, isn´t it?!).