IstKon 2017

Turkish-German Political and Cultural Summit

From the 17th of June to the 25th of June the first IstKon took place in Konstanz. The IstKon organizing team, the IstKon members and even professors experienced nine days of discussion, sharing opinions, making new friendships and learning about new cultures.

Get to know each other

These nine days can be described as one of the most enriching times in our university life. The topics included all parts of current social, political and economic problems: Human Rights issues, refugee policy and Turkish and German foreign policy. All participants took advantage of exchanging their opinions and values.


Besides, the cultural part consisted of getting to know another culture. The participants could visit the Münster of Konstanz, the mosque and beautiful Meersburg. But the highlight was the cultural evening: Eating typical German and Turkish dishes and dancing together typical dances – There is no better way to make new friendships!




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Thank you, Teşekkürler and Dankschön for participating in IstKon 2017. Looking forward to the next IstKon!

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