Turkey and Germany vs Global Climate Change

Global warming and adverse effects of climate change, caused by the concentration
of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, has been taken as one of the most detrimental
global threats to humankind alongside with its irreversible consequences. The most significant driver of global environmental degradation is, no doubt, the human actions mainly starting from the industrial revolution.

In that sense, we as the IstKon Environment Academic Team, strongly believe in the necessity and seriousness for encouraging entire participants to be aware of the reality of global environmental politics and climate change.
Thus, throughout the IstKon Environment Academic Day on 12 April 2018, we aim to
make everyone understand the main causes and consequences of global climate change as well as its political, economic, and social reflections. Furthermore, as the main purpose of IstKon necessitates, Germany’s and Turkey’s stance in the global climate change regime will be analyzed and evaluated by applying interactive methods and discussions.

To end, we are looking forward to meet all of the participants and have a great time full of academic and intellectual discussions.


Soon: Reading list and Topic guide!