Democratic Innovations – Academic Day 1

by Felix Kube On Monday, the first academic day of IstKon 2019 took place. We met at the Ratssaal in the city hall, the beautifully renovated meeting room for the city council of Konstanz. Since the overall academic topic of this year’s exchange was Challenges to Democracy, our first topic to discuss was Democratic Innovations. … Continue reading Democratic Innovations – Academic Day 1

Of ceremonies, people in fountains and a nice dinner

by Katja Blöchlinger Sunday was the day for everyone who loves to dress up formally and to show off their favorite outfits: the dress code for the IstKon Student Exchange is traditionally interpreted as a mixture of “fancy pancy” and “formal western business attire”. We celebrated the official start of our exchange in the rooms … Continue reading Of ceremonies, people in fountains and a nice dinner

A warm welcome despite the German weather

by Katja Blöchlinger In the very early Istanbul morning, the Marmara University team got up and travelled to the newly opened Istanbul Airport. Everyone was excited to finally meet their co-organizers from Konstanz, with whom they have prepared the whole IstKon 2019 program. At the airport in Zurich, the 32 Istanbul participants were welcomed by … Continue reading A warm welcome despite the German weather

Border stories: Germany and Switzerland

by Katja Blöchlinger A special feature of Konstanz, one of the places involved in the IstKon Exchange, is its proximity to a country border: The border Germany shares with Switzerland. In this article, I present some facts about factors connecting the two countries' - and why (on some days) you can almost hear and see … Continue reading Border stories: Germany and Switzerland

How Germany deals with its past

Introduction written by Asena Soydas, text by Laurenz Scheunemann As it is often deemed a taboo, people visiting Germany hesitate to talk about a very sad part of the German history: the Nazi past and the Holocaust. Luckily this is not the case  anymore. Starting with history classes after primary school pupils are reminded and … Continue reading How Germany deals with its past