Border stories: Germany and Switzerland

by Katja Blöchlinger A special feature of Konstanz, one of the places involved in the IstKon Exchange, is its proximity to a country border: The border Germany shares with Switzerland. In this article, I present some facts about factors connecting the two countries' - and why (on some days) you can almost hear and see … Continue reading Border stories: Germany and Switzerland

How Germany deals with its past

Introduction written by Asena Soydas, text by Laurenz Scheunemann As it is often deemed a taboo, people visiting Germany hesitate to talk about a very sad part of the German history: the Nazi past and the Holocaust. Luckily this is not the case  anymore. Starting with history classes after primary school pupils are reminded and … Continue reading How Germany deals with its past

Why a German song went viral in Turkey

by Ibrahim Doğan This blogpost is on a German song which literally blasted Turkish social media for the last two years. The song “Hurra die Welt geht unter” came out in 2015, by the collaboration of one of the most successful Hip-Hop groups from Berlin, K.I.Z and the vocalist Henning May from the rock band … Continue reading Why a German song went viral in Turkey

Ho Narro! Carnival in Germany

written by Konstanz Academics Team Have you wondered lately while scrolling through your German friends Instagram and Facebook feed why they wear crazy costumes? The answer is simple: It’s carnival season in Germany. Although it can have a different name depending on the region you are, the history behind is the same. Fasching (in Bavaria … Continue reading Ho Narro! Carnival in Germany

Of sweet temptations and big party nights

by Katja Blöchlinger and Sebnem Eren In the time before Christmas, something special happens around the world: it is the season for cooking and baking regional specialities reminding everyone that the holidays are just around the corner. In this blogpost, we try to shed light on some traditional Christmas traditions in Germany and other countries … Continue reading Of sweet temptations and big party nights

Great views, great food, and most importantly: great people!

by Katja Get-to-know games What a start to our 9-day student exchange! After everyone met their Buddy from the respective other team on friday evening, we were ready to go and explore Istanbul. However, before we split into smaller groups to see some hidden gems of the city, the Culture team had organized some games … Continue reading Great views, great food, and most importantly: great people!