Application for students in Instanbul

Applications are closed!

Stay tuned for information on the exchange in 2020, we are happy to receive your application at the given time.

Information on IstKon 2019

The IstKon academic and cultural exchange, is a unique opportunity for students of both participating universities to engage in an interesting and challenging intercultural exchange, gain political and cultural knowledge, make new friends and take the initiative in building bridges between our two universities – and of course between our two countries.

The third edition of the IstKon Student Exchange will take place from the 11th – 19th May 2019 at the University of Konstanz. Students of Marmara University and of other universities ( who will pass all regulations and steps of being an appropriate participant or organiser for IstKon 2019) will have the opportunity to experience this unique program and to go to Konstanz in order to take part in the IstKon exchange program.

Topic of the third edition of the exchange:

  • Democratic Innovations
  • Populism
  • Gender

Who can participate?

Students of the University of Marmara and other universities will have the opportunity to participate in this exceptional project.
The application is OPEN for students of all subjects, as we encourage also people outside of the politics department to engage in this program, if they fulfill the selection criteria.

Criteria for being an organizer or a participant:

It depends on if you want to be a solely participant or if you want to be one who is organizing IstKon 2019 ? ( being organiser means that you may have chance to have same rights and obligations of being participant ). In both cases you are going to be called to be interviewed, by looking and examining your interview evaluation and performance, decisions about accepting you as a participant or an organizer will taken by IstKon Core Team of 2019.

You should be fluent English and interest in current global issues and news around the globe.


If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us via email: