Application for Turkish Students

Application  for IstKon 2018 is OPEN!!!

The International Relations Club (IRC) and Fachschaft Politik & Verwaltung organized the first exchange program for students from Konstanz and Marmara University in Konstanz, Germany between 16-25 June 2017.

Through the second summit of the IstKon Student Exchange Program in this year, we aim to make students realize their own personal capacities as well as to contemplate and debate cultural and political issues. Participants selected in advance of the planned program (between 6th-15th of April 2018) will participate in lectures, workshops and seminars prepared by our academic team.

There will be collective workshops in study groups, consisting of students from both universities, following active and participatory methods. Our main topics (Foreign Policy, Global Environmental Politics, Globalization and Cultural Studies) of the academic program will be studied throughout the process of this summit through lectures and workshops. With respect to the framework of the programme, participants are expected to form mini-discussion groups and to conduct interactive debates and lectures in working groups. These groups are designed to allow the participation of 25 students from Konstanz University to transform the theoretical knowledge gained into practice through trainings.

Application conditions:

  • – If you are interested in political, socio-economic, and cultural issues regarding Turkey and Germany as well as their relations,
  • – If you think that you are enough motivated and able to participate in all the projects and activities throughout the week (6th – 15th of April)

How to apply:

Interview: Face-to-face interviews will happen at the Anadolu Hisari Campus of the Marmara University. Place and time of the interview will sent you with an e-mail.

  • a. The interview will be held in both English and Turkish
  • b. Interview Date: 11 December 2017 (Details about interview will be announce by email)


For Application Guide in Turkish:

IstKon 2018 Başvuru Metni