Application for Core Organisation team


Application is closed!


Dear IstKon family,

everyone of you was part of the IstKon Student Exchange so far – some as organizers, some as participants, either last year in Konstanz or this year in Istanbul or both times. We are very happy to have all of you with us – and we hope to keep or get you involved into the future of IstKon! With this website post, we provide you with all information about how you can get involved in the future of IstKon. Specifically we answer the following three questions:

  1. How can I become a part of the future combined Core-Team?
  2. How can I be involved in the founding / setting up of an association for IstKon?
  3. What other possibilities to stay / get involved do I have?


  1. Combined Core Team IstKon19 in Konstanz

Firstly, we are very happy to be able to officially announce today that in June 2019 IstKon19 will take place in Konstanz! To organize IstKon19, we seek motivated people to join the new combined Core Team. The big majority of last years Core Team on both sides will move to other cities or finish their studies – so we are now looking for new spirit and new ideas!

Starting from today, all of you are highly encouraged to apply for a position in the next combined Core Team. There are different Head Positions (Academic Team Head, Sponsoring & Finance Team Head, Culture Team Head, Local PR Team Head, Event Team Head and Logistics Team Head) as well as two Coordinator positions (one in Istanbul and one in Konstanz) and one Global PR Team Head available.

A detailed description of each positions tasks and responsibilities and an overview about the next project structure can be found in this folder:

Please have a look at the positions you might be interested in and feel free to contact the current or any past Head directly, to ask any questions related to the position.

If you are motivated to take the responsibility and opportunities of any of the described Head positions / Coordinator positions, we would like to ask you to please fill the short following Application form: until 17.05.18 latest!

Important to know if you want to apply:

  • The preparations for next IstKon19 will (slowly) start this June / July  and will intensify during the winter semester 2018 (starting from Sept / Oct). It would be preferable if you are located in Konstanz / Istanbul starting from Sept / Oct 2018 until June 2019.
  • There will be a “Future of IstKon Conference” from 26. – 30.07.18 in Konstanz, where we will invite the new combined Core Team and the old Core Team. During the weekend we will “kick off” the organization of next IstKon and talk about and develop plans for the association we would like to found. All travel expenses and (most) other costs will be covered for the combined Core-Team members! It would be preferable if you could join this meeting (at least the weekend 27. – 29.) to get to know your team.

If one of the above mentioned conditions are not suitable for you, you are still welcome to apply – but please get in touch with us so that we can see how we could manage to involve you.

The further process after you submitted your application:

  • We talk with you about your application
  • We review all applications in the combined Core Team from last IstKon and will together decide on the next combined Core Team
  • We will inform you about our decision as soon as possible (~ end of May).



  1. Founding of an association

Additionally, there is the idea to found an official association, which will be the future organization behind this big project and maybe many more to come!

A part of the old Core-Team members are motivated and able to work on this plan – but we would be also very happy to involve you! This is especially interesting for everyone who cannot be involved in the direct organization of next IstKon.

If you are strongly motivated to help us setting up and developing this association, just apply via E-mail ( including the following information:

  • How are you able to contribute? Where will you be located? How much time are you willing to contribute?
  • Do you have already some ideas / areas of interested where you would like to be involved?

The existing Core-Team will decide if and how to involve all interested people and will then inform you about the opportunities we can offer you.


  1. Other possibilities to get involved (team member, association member, participant)

Besides the aforementioned possibilities to get involved, we also need many team members of the future organization team in Konstanz and Istanbul. Those teams will be set up after the combined Core Team is ready. So if you want to be involved as team member of any team just stay tuned – you will get all information from the new Core Team, probably at the beginning of next semester.

Additionally, we will also keep you informed about the progress of the association we want to found. We will look for active members of this association after everything is settled.

Lastly, you might also get involved as participant again – the whole selection process will be administered by the next combined Core Team and they will provide you with all information during next winter semester.


We want and will involve everyone who is motivated to contribute to the future of IstKon – so please really think about what the best option is for you and let us know either through the application form, E-Mail, or personal communication!

You are all great and together we can achieve even bigger things – for this ISTKON NEEDS YOU and YOUR IDEAS 🙂

Best wishes,

Your Combined IstKon18 Core Team