IstKon 2020 – First Konstanz Team Meeting

After running through a long application process and setting up working groups the whole Konstanz Team finally got the chance to meet up on the 4th of December 2019 in the Jugendzentrum. The main focus of the first general team meeting was getting to know the project, the people and being introduced to Istanbul and Turkish culture.

Everyone brought something for a way bigger buffet than expected, so nobody went home hungry. It was a mix of Turkish and German: we got to try some Turkish tea, ayran (a yoghurt-like salty drink) and German beer as well as delicious baklava and Lebkuchen (traditional winter cookies).

We started off by playing a bingo-game with questions such as „Have you ever eaten insects?“ to break the ice, followed up by grabbing some small bites from the buffet. But that was not the only thing the evening had in store for us!

The Events Team then divided us up in groups, giving everyone a secret task they should accomplish in the hours to come. For example, one group always had to return from the buffet with food for someone else. As the evening went by some IstKon participants also started a game of table soccer.

A little later we were challenged with a small quiz about Turkish culture and facts about Turkey. Some questions were quite easy, while others spurred discussions and disagreements among us. All in all we definitely learned something and it made us more curious about experiencing the country ourselves!

We ended the night with a group survey about odd dual categories, like if you’re more into Döner or prefer a proper Donauwelle (a traditional German cake). Or if you’d rather abstain from using the Internet forever or live without music. Watching people sort themselves into truly ridiculous categories proved to be quite entertaining!

That concluded the official program of that first event, but most people still stayed some time just to chat and hang out with fellow exchange organizers. It had turned out to be a really fun evening, organized quite well by the Events Team. Thank you for your hard work and to everyone for making the evening so memorable!

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