What a week – Closing Ceremony and Culture Night

by Serra Morgil

What a week it has been. After 7 days of intercultural exchange, inspiring academic topics, lots of fun and joy the last day of IstKon 2019 arrived while having a crying and a laughing eye: Sad seeing the week coming to an end and not being able to see the new friends as regularly as it was possible during the week; laughing because everything was beyond perfect.

We met at the Kantine KN for the closing session which is with its inner courtyard a perfect location to work and chill at the same time. While the SCC, Students Connecting Culture, prepared work stations for us we talked inside of the Kantine about our experiences of each day, personal opinions, funny, catchy moments as well as further recommendations for the next IstKons and collected them on big posters. Everybody provided very positive feedback and it could be easily understood that people have really enjoyed the whole week and they especially found the academic days very creative and funny. They contributed to the future organization with their ideas and recommendations. There was even a request for more Döner days. Of course, the core team members that put a lot of effort to make IstKon happen are not forgotten. They were invited to the stage and they were given presents, wine and chocolate. Later on, we watched a very hilarious video composed of photos taken during IstKon 2019.

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Afterwards, Student Connecting Cultures (SCC) team presented the SCC organization, its core members and goals. In the inner courtyard, SCC built six workspaces amongst others for the application process, finances, membership, the core ideas of SCC and suggestions for the future. Then, we played a game named ‘bolster up’. We basically stuck papers on our backs and wrote our thoughts about each other down. Most of the time we created long trains since each person wrote on a person in front of him or her. What could be a great finale for the official part of IstKon 2019? Eating a döner of course – at least that’s what we did!

Culture Night

Talking about intercultural exchanging – that’s what we of course included during our very last group event too. Having it on the programme since IstKon 2018, IstKon 2019 ended with the culture night. The event was organised in Frichtle Arena which is inside of impressive greens. This event aims to bring together the best of both worlds by cooking and eating delicious national meals, listening to music and dancing. The whole food was prepared by the culture team of IstKon 2019 and was also a feast for our eyes: we had Izmir Kofte (meatballs with potatoes and onions), Kısır (Bulgur salad) and Helva from the Turkish cuisine; Schupfnudeln with Sauerkraut, Maultaschen and potato salad from the German (well rather Swabian) cuisine.

Later we voted for the best buddy couple pictures of our buddy challenge – the winners, Ataberk and Liese, with their humorous photo which made everybody laugh, won Berliner and mugs of Konstanz. Immediately after that, heavy rain started and we went inside. The henna night, which occupies an important place in the Turkish tradition, was performed by the Turkish team. A symbolic bride with a red hat on her head was seated, the lights turned off and everyone with candles in their hands turned around her in company with henna music. It was delighting to see that also the people foreign to this culture enjoyed this event with curiosity and fun. A very pleasant surprise was also organized for the members of IstKon who will not be able to participate in the future IstKon because of their graduation. Everybody celebrated the graduates for their efforts, and graduates blew out the candles on the cake that was prepared for them. The night continued with dancing and having fun accompanied by Turkish and German music, and concluded with saying good-bye to each other.

Thank you for a great IstKon 2019! And may the 2020 edition be just as cool!


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