A flower-y day trip, a castle and a BBQ with a view

by Katja Blöchlinger

After a long party night at the Konstanzer club Berry’s, the next day started a little later. Everyone met in front of the entrance to the flower island Mainau with the sun finally shining. It is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, famous for its blossoming flowers in spring. The group split into smaller groups and discovered the beauty of nature on the island. Many discussions emerged about plants in Turkey and the utility of some plants, for example if they are usable for making tea. Additionally to the wonderful flowers, there is also a Papillorama located there: A house where many different butterflies (papillon in French, hence Papillorama) are living. While some people were really fascinated by the fragile insects, others were a little scared of the little animals. The buddies brought their lunches on the island and everyone sat in the flowerage and enjoyed the tranquility.

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We also went to the Mainau Schlosskirche (Castle Church). People were captivated with the architecture of the church, especially with the drawings and figures on the curved roof. Even though sometimes some of us waded into enchanting view or took photos and thereby stayed behind others, in the end, we all gathered in front of the farm. People coming from metropolitan city Istanbul could not hide their astonishment when they saw adorable llamas and goats moving around. While one participant was spit on by one llama, others successfully took selfies with the baby goats. For many of us the playground was another highlight. You gotta foster the kid in you, right? As they really like the island, many participants bought some souvenirs to give to their friends and family as gifts or to keep as a memory.

Afterwards, the whole group took a ferry to the other lake side, to Meersburg. The medieval old town is famous for its castle and their vineyards and especially the visitors from Istanbul loved the narrow streets, the old towns and the view on over the vineyards on the lake. The participants were able to discover the small town on their own.  The ferry ride back to Konstanz apparently led to some Titanic associations with buddy pairs imitating the scene at the bow of the ship. Fortunately, the ferry’s destiny was not as sad as Titanic’s and we all made it back safely to Konstanz.


Every day is dancing day

Meanwhile, a barbecue was being prepared on the terrace of the University canteen. We enjoyed a selection of salads and some grilled cheese and meat from the grill and were lucky enough not to get wet but to be able to enjoy the view from the top of the hill over the Mainau back to Meersburg. Later that night, everyone could again experience some Turkish culture: As soon as someone puts on some Turkish music, the dancefloor was packed with people. The Turkish participants showed off their skills and introduced everyone to some traditional dance moves from the regions they are from. It emerged to be some kind of dance battle among these traditional dances, which managed to get all the participants excited for some more party.

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