Welcome to IstKon 2019 in Konstanz!

Today is the day! The Istanbul Core Team, organizers and participants are finally arriving in Konstanz. Our program starts with a pub crawl in the Konstanz old town. Everyone will get to know their buddy. The buddy system is a vital part of our exchange: all participants are assigned a partner from the other team. This allows the establishment of close ties to at least one person from another cultural background, which in turn enables open communication about cultural differences and other interesting topics.

Tomorrow is another big day. The official opening ceremony is taking place at the Archäologische Landesmuseum. We are happy to welcome distinguished guest speakers: the Mayor of Konstanz give a speech sIstKon 2019, the Vice President of the University of Konstanz is welcoming the participants along side a professor of the Marmara University.

Stay tuned for some great surprises and follow us on our social media channels (Facebook: IstKon Exchange // Instagram: @istkon.exchange) to stay up-to-date!

Let the fun begin!


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