Why a German song went viral in Turkey

by Ibrahim Doğan

This blogpost is on a German song which literally blasted Turkish social media for the last two years. The song “Hurra die Welt geht unter” came out in 2015, by the collaboration of one of the most successful Hip-Hop groups from Berlin, K.I.Z and the vocalist Henning May from the rock band AnnenMayKantereit. But, why has this song become so popular in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in Turkey? There were different reasons, of course.

The main reason can be funny for some people but it was the physical appearance of Henning May, while he was singing the chorus with his powerful voice in their YouTube video of the song’s acoustic version. He was singing so powerful and thrilling that you can see his vocal chords and his veins just by looking at his neck.

Henning May’s looks and his powerful singing made the song “Hurrah die Welt geht unter” widely popular in Turkey.

A couple of months after the video was published, some Turkish Twitter users started to share the clips of the video. Then the videos started to spread around Instagram too! On the posts, all they were talking about was May’s powerful voice and his neck. Well, you never know what will make you famous in social media. So, Henning May became famous in Twitter thanks to his veins and his vocal chords and his unique/stunning voice. The people who didn’t know his name started to search for the video by typing “the guy with veins” and then it became his nickname around Turkish social media users.

I know, it’s a weird case but hey, people started to like German Hip-Hop/Rap more after this “wave of veins”! At some point, it was nearly impossible to find a comment in German language on the comment section of the original YouTube video. The people from Austria or Germany were asking each other “Am I the only German/Austrian listening to this song or what?” on the comment section. Around 2018 January, it was the peak for this song in Turkey. But, even in February 2019, you can still find thousands of Turkish comments on the original video.

The Berlin Hip Hop Group K.I.Z.

People who already knew the Hip-Hop group K.I.Z. and the rock ban AnnenMayKantereit started to suggest other songs to other people, in order to get people to know them better. Because the song was more than a cute guy with a magnificent voice, it was a message to the whole world. It’s mainly criticizing the capitalist world order and its imperfections.

Some people, thankfully, started to listen to the song to get the meaning, after someone uploaded the same video with Turkish subtitles on YouTube and it has nearly 700.000 views today. When people understood what the song said, it reached more and more people and now you can find 10-hour-versions of the song uploaded by Turkish YouTube users!

It’s a good example of how German culture and Turkish culture still directly affect each other and it shows us how important our job is to continue connecting cultures!

And here’s the link to the song, enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nouhZQqtx4

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