The Future Conference

Most important facts:

Where?  In Konstanz
When?   26th- 31th July 2018
Who?    The new core Team & People of the last IstKon
What? Kick-Off of IstKon 2019 and founding of an association 


Remembering the cultural night @cafemondial in Konstanz (IstKon 2017)

Building Bridges is one of the core values of the IstKon Student Exchange and we have met two times for that reason – in Konstanz 2017 and in Istanbul 2018. These two words stand for our motivation: We want to increase intercultural understanding, we want to establish a platform for the exchange of ideas, and we want to promote respect for other opinions. And most importantly, we want to discover the things which connect us. Often there are more similarities than differences – everyone of us had that experience during IstKon.

That´s why we are planning the Future Conference at the moment – to work on these principles and to expand them.

Here we tell you, what the Future Conference is for and how you can contribute.

Who is organizing the Future Conference?

The new core team of IstKon 2019 has formed in June and will be introduced on our website shortly. Moreover, motivated and engaged members of IstKon 2018 have committed their time to the founding of an association. About 30 people will meet in Konstanz from 26th July to the 30th July 2018 to prepare IstKon 2019 and work on the association.

What do we want to achieve with the Future Conference?

One of the main goals of the Future Conference is to transfer the knowledge to the next core team as most of the members of the core team 2018 are leaving because of Erasmus or graduation. Another main goal is to establish a foundation for IstKon. So, we will discuss the structure, principles and projects of the foundation. After the conference we can provide you with more information, because at the moment we are in the process of collecting all the ideas which we will discuss at the conference.

Communication and discussion is the best way to understand each other´s opinion and ideas. (IstKon 2018)

What will we do during the Future Conference?

We will have working sessions, team building events and of course informal discussions to set the goals and work of the association and to start the work of the core team for IstKon 2019. Thus, there will be meetings for the association groups and the core team for IstKon 2019 separately. But there will be also meetings together to match the work of the association to the IstKon Student Exchange. As a result, on Sunday 29th we want to found the association.

How can you participate?

During the conference we need your help for the logistical part and to carry the conference successfully. Moreover, after the conference we will provide you with information about the outcome of the conference and we will need you to fill the association as well as IstKon 2019 with live!

Pizza time in Istanbul with a cat. #foodisalwaysgood (IstKon 2018)


Building bridges between Turkey and Germany – that´s what we are working for!

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