Istanbul Teambuilding Event

by Mert

Istanbul side of IstKon 2018, gathered together for “Team Building Evening” organized by PR Team in Kadıköy, where is one of the most dynamic and impressive place in Istanbul. The goal of our event was to establishing relations and spreading the dynamic spirit and joy of our upcoming Exchange in April between our old and new members. Firstly we met with each other than we introduced ourselves without using our ideology, religion, gender, local and racial identities. After this game we shared our best moments of our lives. Members of last year’s IstKon in Konstanz shared their best and unforgettable memories. Than we shared to groups and created our own logos with the different materials from our pockets. All logos were so unique and show the talents and imaginations of our participants. After the game we warmed up with our teas, coffees and nice talks with each other. In our last game we performed a song clip with groups. The games were ended but the fun and excitement were not ended. We celebrated our New Year and made Secret Santa Game. We don’t know who will buy gift to whom but we know that everyone is really being curious about that. This awesome evening was ended with photo shooting of participators with each other. We are really thankful to the PR Team and especially to the organizer Nodar for this wonderful evening.


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